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Solar Products Q Series Quartz Flat Faced Panel Heaters

Solar Products Flat-faced Radiant Panel Heaters
Solar Products, Inc.
228 Wanaque Ave 
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442

We are a distributor for Solar Products, Inc.


OPAQUE QUARTZ is the standard face on the Q-SERIES panel heaters. For over 40 years, Solar Products has been an original manufacturer of fused silica (opaque quartz). The properties of quartz make for a very efficient radiator of infrared energy. Our expertise with infrared heaters, combined with our ability to fuse quartz allows Solar Products to be the only company in the world to manufacture this unique heater. The back of each fused quartz face is precision machined to hold the resistance coil. With the coils resting in the grooves, the coils are surrounded by three walls of quartz, thereby maximizing the energy output of the heater. A reflective insulating fiber board is added behind the heating element to direct the IR energy forward through the quartz face. Double layer insulation is installed behind the insulating board to decrease back heat loss. Aluminized steel casings and welded stainless steel terminations are standard throughout.

Orientation of the Q-Series heater must be controlled. The heating elements are not cemented in place. Therefore, it is important to assure that the heating elements are not placed in a vertical orientation. This will result in slumping of the coils and a greatly reduced life expectancy.
Dimensionally, the heater can be as wide as 12" (305mm) and as long as 24" (610mm). A more common dimension is 12" (305mm) x 12" (305mm) or smaller, for this series of heater. The QP model has a maximum watt density of 40 wsi (62 kw/m2). The QH model has a maximum watt density of 60 wsi (93 kw/m2). Durability is defined by a typical life expectancy of 25,000 hours. The heater has a high radiant efficiency of 82%. Because the heater design does not depend on an external reflector, the heater maintains efficiency over time. The Q-Series heat transfer rate at 60 wsi (93 kw/m2) is 6.04 Btu/sq. ft./sec. delivered to the product.
There are two grades of quartz available in the Q-Series heaters. The QP model uses 98.5% pure quartz and the QH model uses a very high purity 99.998% quartz. The QH model is often used for semiconductor applications due to the high purity level of quartz, the temperature uniformity, and the ability to create unique shapes. The Q-Series heater is additionally used in many applications that require high intensity heat, such as high speed drying or curing lines.

Q-Series Panel Heater - Models: QP and QH
The Q-Series line of IR panel heaters offer the highest power density output available in an IR panel heater. High purity, fused, translucent quartz is used as the emitter face.




Grooved, fused, translucent quartz


  emitter surface plate (QP/QH)


  Precision wound resistance wire


  Heavy gauge aluminized


  steel frame


  High temperature, rigid refractory


  Support angle; secures quartz


  plate in frame


  Refractory blanket insulation layer


  Bulk insulation to minimize


  back heat loss


  Ceramic bushings to


  insulate terminals


  Stainless steel terminals: welded
    for longer life


  Quartz thermowell tube (optional)
Q-SERIES WARM-UP CURVE Warm-up curves are measured from heaters running face down in open air. The thermocouple is located in the standard location in a thermowell located behind the coil. Curves will change with environment and thermocouple location.    

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All heaters include side (end) mounted thermowell. Optional Type K thermocouple can be added to the heater.

Part# Dimensions Wattage Voltage Phase  
QC041040B2-TW 4" X10" 1600 240 1  
QC061040B2-TW 6" X10" 2400 240/480 1  
QC061240B2-TW 6" X 12 2880 240/480 1  
QC081040B2-TW 8" X10" 3200 240/480 1  
QC101040B2-TW 10" X10" 4000 240/480 1  
QC121040B2-TW 12" X10" 4800 240/480 1  
QC121240B2-TW 12" X 12 5760 240/480 1  
QH041060B2-TW 4" X10" 2400 240/480 1  
QH061060B2-TW 6" X10" 3600 240/480 1  
QH061260B2-TW 6" X 12 4320 240/480 1  
QH081060B2-TW 8" X10" 4800 240/480 1  
QH101060B2-TW 10" X10" 6000 240/480 1  
QH121060B2-TW 12" X10" 7200 240/480 1  
QH121260B2-TW 12" X 12 8640 240/480 1  

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