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Drying and Evaporation with Infrared Heaters

  • Adhesives
  • Coatings
  • Enamels
  • Fabrics - Water Evaporation
  • Food (Water Evaporation - Drying and Dehydrating)
  • Glaze on Ceramic Pottery and Tiles
  • Heat Setting Fabrics after Dying or Printing
  • Inks on Silk Screen, Graphic Arts and Screen Printing (Dryers and Flash Units)
  • Lacquers
  • Leather
  • Ovens for Drying
  • Paint Drying: Various size ovens are manufactured for different applications.
  • Paper
  • Paper Webs and Impregnated Coatings
  • Parts - Water Evaporation
  • Printing
  • Screen Printing
  • Semiconductor Wafer Drying
  • Solvents
  • Textile Setting and Drying
  • Water
  • Water Based Inks
  • Wood and Chipboard

Paint Drying with Ceramic Heaters

Infrared heating for paint application on steel, aluminum, and wood to dry them quicker, or to dry them more carefully, can same time, money, and space by using the efficiency of ceramic elements.

One of the biggest advantages of using infrared heat for paint drying is the elimination of moving air which can cause streaking, uneven drying, and bring dust particles into the paint. The other advantage is speed as noted in the following comparisons:





Air dry


Air dry


Air dry


Air dry


20/30 min.


6/12 hrs.

20 min./2 hrs.

20 mins./3 hrs

4/20 mins.

20/50 mins.


This efficiency can create up to an 80% improvement in drying time.

Caution must always be taken when applying heat to painted substances due to the potential for combustion. Always be aware of the content of the paint being used. Make sure the system provides for adequate ventilation. The wattage and distance from the product must correlate to the paint consistency and strength. 

Molded Fiberglass Components
Advantages of Infrared Paint Curing

Fostoria has designed and tested a medium density oven for a manufacturer of molded fiberglass components. Products include: semi-tractor hoods, earth moving equipment hoods and cabs for farm implements.

They had two problems to solve. First, they had too slow of a cure time using their current convection oven. Second, a large amount of paint contamination was occurring during the convection curing process. Both of these problems are typical of convection curing systems.

The customer was spraying parts with a solvent based paint and curing them in a gas fired convection oven. And because of the air movement during the convection process, they realized a high amount of contamination and thus - a high number of parts to strip and refinish. Also, an increase in sales and the number of different products produced mandated the need for a faster line speed and an oven versatile enough to do many jobs.

Fostoria designed a booster oven that let the manufacturer increase line speed and kept the finish from becoming contaminated. Using a "zone controlled" system of electric infrared heat banks, they were able to engineer solutions to both problems prior to the parts reaching the convection oven.

Electric infrared was able to "boost" the product to the proper cure temperature in only 90 seconds, compared to several minutes in the convection oven. This boost to curing temperature sufficiently tacked off the surface of the paint to ward off contaminates and also allowed for an increase in line speed to keep up with demand.

The Fostoria design held an additional advantage for the customer. Because the customer had a wide variety of parts, flexibility was important. The controlled zones let the customer redistribute the oven's heating footprint and intensity, thus conforming to individual products without delaying production.

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