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Blasdel Ceramic Generator Infrared Heating Elements

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We are an authorized distributor for Blasdel Enterprises, Inc.

Ceramic generator shown in standard reflectors (reflector not included)

Ceramic generators are ideal for wood, plastic, and other low temperature substrates. The durable nichrome wire wound around a ceramic core is embedded in ceramic material and fired in a kiln. These elements, controlled with a Blasdel control panel, can maintain a very even temperature.

Exceptionally long service life. On average, one can expect about 10,000 hours, however much longer is not uncommon. Proper controls must be used to achieve this performance.

Full temperature can be attained within five minutes.  These generators are available in 500, 750, and 1000 watts. These heaters are 90% heat transfer efficient by producing medium wave infrared as well as convection heat.

Both Blasdel COR Coil-O-Rod Generators or ceramic elements have a 12 square aluminum reflector located behind the element to accurately direct the radiant heat towards the product, in a uniform pattern, providing an effective target zone.  Aluminum is second only to gold in its ability to reflect the radiant heat towards the product. If the reflector is clean and efficient, you can touch the reflector even after the oven has been on for hours. Reflectors need to be cleaned if reflector is hot to the touch.

Ideal substrates:


The specular reflector projects a square heat pattern that provides even heat distribution with the emitter 8" away from the product. This eliminates hot and cold spots commonly found in round or trough-shaped reflectors. A simple maintenance program will keep the reflectors at peak performance level.

Blasdel Enterprises offers aluminum reflectors as standard, or stainless steel reflectors as an option. Disposable reflectors are available for special applications.

Part# Volts Watts  
CX-750-104 104 750  
CX-500-120 120 500  
CX-750-120 120 750  
CX-1000-120 120 1000  
CX-750-145 145 750  
CX-1000-145 145 1000  
Dial-O-Temp Sections: (Includes standard aluminum reflector, terminal block and wiring) (Heaters not included)
Part # # of Generators Length Width Depth  
SEC01 1 12" 12" 6 3/4"  
SEC02 2 24" 12" 6 3/4"  
SEC03 3 36" 12" 6 3/4"  
SEC04 4 48" 12" 6 3/4"  
SEC05 5 60" 12" 6 3/4"  
SEC06 6 72" 12" 6 3/4"  
SEC07 7 84" 12" 6 3/4"  
Replacement reflectors:
Part # Description  
REF12A040 Standard Aluminum Reflector  
REF12D002 Disposable Aluminum Reflector

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